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Bob Stefanowski


Businessman - CFO

Phone: 203-397-6736 Email:  bob@bobstef.com 

Web: https://www.bobforgovernor.com

Twitter @BobForGovernor

Facebook @BobForGovernor

Email: Bob@BobforGovernor.com


CEO and President | Global Financial Executive | Turnaround Expert


  • Because  he's not a politician. Bob has spent his life turning around failed  businesses. Now Bob is ready to turn around and rebuild Connecticut.
  •  Bob has served as CEO and President of many business units at General Electric 
  •  Has 25 years experience executing business turnarounds, direct investment  
  • Former Chief Financial Officer of UBS Investment Bank, responsible for $500 billion in assets 
  •  Bob has published books on mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and lectures on finance at leading universities 
  •  Bob has the experience and skills to put Connecticut back in business! 

Connecticut Republican State Central HQ


Head Quarters for the Connecticut Republican Party. 

Website has links for State and Federal Offices

176 Laning street  | Southington, CT 06489 

Phone: (860)-426-1920

General Email: info@ct.gop

Website: http://ct.gop/ 


On Taxes The Choice is Clear

Additional Information


Connecticut is in Economic Free Fall

Connecticut is in absolute crisis.

High Taxes – We have the highest tax burden in the nation. We in Connecticut have to work four weeks longer than the average American just to cover our tax bills! We need to work until May 21 – vs. April 23 on average (as reported by the Tax Foundation)

Out of Control Spending – Despite five tax increases since 1992, we have a growing, $3.5 billion budget deficit and a pension plan which is underfunded by $74 billion.

Job Losses – Since introducing a state income tax in 1991, we have had the slowest job growth in the entire nation – with 6,600 jobs lost in October 2017 alone.

Decline Population – More people are leaving Connecticut than any other state (except West Virginia). In the last 10 years, we have lost $6 billion in adjusted gross income from people moving to Florida alone!

A Dysfunctional Government – the current fiscal year budget was 117 days past due, and it included $881 million in “unidentified savings” and was already more than $200 million out of balance only a month after it was signed into law.

Connecticut Democrats have followed a policy of “Tax & Spend”.

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Visit Bob Stefanowski's website to learn more about how Rebuild Connecticut.


Five Step Plan to Rebuild Connecticut

A Five-Step Plan endorsed by President Reagan’s Economic Advisor Dr. Arthur Laffer.


Bob’s Five-Step Plan to Rebuild Connecticut

  1. Phase out corporate income tax and business entity tax over 2 years
  2. Phase out state income tax over 8 years
  3. Eliminate the gift and estate taxes immediately
  4. Embrace zero-based budgeting to reduce spending
  5. Enact a taxpayer bill of rights  

      Stefanowski's reovery plan will work. Bob's Five- Step plan is supported by David Walker, former Comptroller General of the United States from 1998-2008. He was first appointed by President Bill Clinton, and re-appointed by President George W. Bush.

Click on red hyperlinks to jump to details of the plan.

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Visit Bob's website to find out the details of his 5 step plan to save Connecticut

LT Governor

Joe Markley -


State Senator (16th District) towns of Cheshire, Prospect, Southington, Wolcott and  Waterbury. 

Phone:  203-927-1211
Email:  joe@markleyforlg.com

Website: https://markleyforlg.com

 About Joe 

State Sen. Joe Markley represents Connecticut’s 16th Senatorial District, which includes the towns of Waterbury, Southington, Wolcott, Cheshire and Prospect. He is a tireless advocate for limited government, fiscal responsibility, and personal liberty.

Joe is a Southington native. His family has resided in town continuously since the 1730s. He was educated in the Southington schools, graduating from Southington High School.

Joe earned a bachelor’s degree, magna cum laude, from Amherst College, and a master’s degree in English from Columbia University. He has worked as an English teacher at the college and secondary levels, and as executive director of state and national trade associations.

Joe was first elected to the state Senate in 1984 and served one term. As a freshman legislator, Joe chaired the General Assembly’s Human Services Committee and the Welfare Subcommittee of the Appropriations Committee. In those roles, he crafted and sponsored the legislation which created the first home care program for seniors.

When former Gov. Lowell Weicker proposed the state income tax, Joe led statewide citizens in an effort to fight back. As cofounder of the Connecticut Taxpayers Committee, he helped organize the massive “Axe the Tax” rally that drew 65,000 citizens to the State Capitol.

Joe returned to the Senate in 2010, where he successfully challenged the hidden tax on homeowners’ electric bills, raised awareness of the outrageous costs associated with the New Britain to Hartford busway, and formulated legislation to help adolescents struggling with drug abuse.

As Gov. Dan Malloy’s most outspoken critic, Joe continues to fight for freedom, prosperity and public safety — opposing the two largest tax increases in state history (and all other tax and fee hikes); leading the fight to stop Hartford politicians from imposing tolls on Connecticut motorists; advocating real cuts in runaway spending; and calling for an end to Malloy’s disastrous early-release program for convicts.

Connecticut is worth Fighting for -The Issues



Markley: Bond Commission Must Reject Malloy’s $10 Million Toll Study

State Sen. Joe Markley, R-Southington, said the State Bond Commission should dismiss “out of hand” a proposed $10 million bond issue that Gov. Dannel Malloy called for today to once again study highway tolling in Connecticut.

Connecticut is right to count prisoners where they’re housed

Prison inmates are among the most permanent of a town’s residents. They reside in a given correctional facility, day and night, often for several or many years.

‘Busway to Nowhere’ is exhibit A in fight against idealogues

I used to be known for fighting Lowell Weicker’s state income tax, that grand error that set us on our road to economic ruin. The sight of the crowd at the Axe the Tax rally —65,000 citizens standing up for common sense– was the defining vision of my political life.

Joe Markley’s Fight for Political Free Speech in Connecticut

There is an important and ongoing political free-speech fight occurring in Connecticut that deserves greater attention from conservatives; if only because it shows the partisan lengths liberal Democrats go to in order to suppress the First Amendment.

Sen. Markley: Andrew McDonald Is Unfit To Be Chief Justice

The drumbeat on behalf of Andrew McDonald’s elevation to chief justice of our state Supreme Court is impressive in both rhythm and volume. His supporters claim that rank partisanship or secret homophobia drives his opposition and that there is no legitimate reason to vote against him.

Senator Markley: Tolls Another Way For State To Pick Our Pockets

The state is broke and needs new revenue sources. Supporters of tolls say it’s one solution. State Senator Joe Markley, a Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, writes in this commentary that implementing tolls is “just one more tax, another way for the state to pick our pocket.”

The Issues



Has Dan Malloy lost his mind?

If there’s a quote I’m tired of hearing, it’s the one groundlessly attributed to Einstein, which defines insanity as doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result.

Guest Column: A new Connecticut tax on heating oil? Really?

The liberal ideologues who control the Democratic Party in Connecticut cannot learn from their errors.

State Sen. Joe Markley: “I’ve seen this story before…”

Years of bad policy create a fiscal crisis in Connecticut. Facing an enormous deficit, the legislature adjourns without a budget. A headstrong and unpopular governor insists that his solution alone can solve the problem, and promises to veto all other plans. Public frustration mounts. Legislative patience frays.

State Sen. Joe Markley: Want a preview of what regionalism would bring?

What frightens me about the regionalism debate in Connecticut is that some otherwise sensible people seem to swallow the notion. Regionalism is sold as a means of efficiency — as if the creation of a new layer of government will save taxpayers money.

Attorney General

Susan Hatfield - Endorsed


Attorney for the State of Connecticut, AG Office

 Phone: 860-969-1862
Email: suehatfield@hatfield2018.com

Website: https://hatfield2018.com


Susan Whitman Hatfield, a registered nurse and an attorney, first became interested in public service as a child where she admired her father’s service as a member of the Groton Board of Education. So much so that as a preschooler, she recalls bringing a little radio to school so that her teacher could tune in to listen to her father talk. As a child, she was also inspired by her grandfather, who would discuss his service as a State Representative from East Haddam. It was this early interest in public service that led her to working on Capitol Hill for the United States Speaker of the House of Representatives immediately after law school.

Hatfield, whose family has strong Eastern Connecticut roots going back to the colonial days, including a great grandfather who was Nathaniel Fanning and relation to Governor Gurdon Saltonstall (1708-1724), grew up in Noank until her family relocated to Griswold where she went on to graduate from Griswold High School in 1990. As her high school class president for two years, Hatfield was also a leader on the athletic field where she was an all-state basketball and track & field athlete and set Connecticut high school records in the three-point shot. Indeed, Hatfield’s early leadership qualities were recognized by long term Eastern Connecticut Congressman Sam Gejdenson as he awarded her with a Congressional Nomination to the Military Academy at West Point.

Hatfield, however, decided to pursue her passion of caring for people so she set out to become a nurse. She received a B.S. in Nursing from American International College where she also was a member of the basketball team. She later earned a J.D. from Stetson University College of Law, and a Masters of Laws in Taxation from Georgetown University Law Center.

Since 2005, Sue Hatfield has served as a state prosecutor with the Connecticut Division of Criminal Justice. Throughout her career, she has fought to keep and make Connecticut a safer place and was the first prosecutor to receive a conviction for the completed crime of human trafficking under Connecticut’s criminal statutes. On a personal side, as the wife of a recently retired Connecticut State Trooper, Hatfield understands the dangerous work that our law enforcement officers do to keep our streets safe. She understands first-hand the daily sacrifices our first responders make on a daily basis and the importance of them receiving the public’s full support.

Prior to becoming a prosecutor, Hatfield was a public finance attorney with the New York City law firm of Hawkins, Delafield and Wood where she represented government entities and public authorities, which included legal representation of a public authority in connection with a $967,000,000 nuclear power plant sale.
Hatfield attributes her success to knowing the value of hard work and always remaining humble. After the summer of eighth grade, she spent the next two summers as a janitor’s assistant for the Griswold School System, which served as an invaluable experience.

Sue and her husband Nick reside in Pomfret, Connecticut with their two sons Willam (10) and Danny (5), and their German Shepherd, K-9 Elvis who also recently retired from the Connecticut State Police.

Sue Hatfield - Priorities


 Sue's Priorities

Republicans have not won the office of Attorney General since 1954! But this year, with your help, that will change. We need a different kind of candidate – one who can appeal to a wide spectrum of voters, bring geographic balance, and offer a fresh outlook. We need a candidate who can compete, and win!

I’m currently a state’s attorney with 13 years’ experience dealing with criminal cases. I also practiced finance law on Wall Street, and served as an aide to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. For nearly a decade I worked as a registered nurse at Yale-New Haven Hospital. My husband, Nick, is a retired state trooper. We live in Pomfret with our two boys, 10 and 7, and one other family member – our retired K-9 German shepherd, Elvis.

Competition and focus has always been a big part of my life. I’m a former three-sport athlete at Griswold High School and was a college basketball player. I’ve also competed nationally as a bodybuilder and was an All-American master’s discus thrower!

I’m ready to take on this challenge, and with your support, I will take the fight to the Democrats and campaign tirelessly to ensure the success of the entire Republican ticket. Please take a moment to read my platform to understand how I would approach this critical office and address some key issues. I look forward to answering any questions you may have, and earning your support.


Thad Gray - Experience Matters


Busninessman, Chief Investment Officer and executive committee member for Abbott Capital Management, LLC

Phone: 860-596-4470
Email: thadforctreasurer@gmail.com

Website: https://www.thadforct.com 



  • · Manage state pension plans professionally to achieve the highest possible return.
  • · Protect the public interest by making sound investment decisions with no political or social agenda.
  • · Strongly advocate structural reforms to address Connecticut’s massive unfunded pension liabilities.
  • Provide direct communication to beneficiaries and taxpayers, whose security depends on successful investment results



Democrats want to repeat the past 20 years of mismanagement by electing another failed Hartford politician, Shawn Wooden to oversee $42,000,000,000 as State Treasurer. We can’t let that happen.



The Governor’s race is close – the Treasurer’s race is close – both are 3 to 4 point races – WHAT YOU DO WILL MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!

You can start now by sharing Journal Inquirer, Chris Powell’s piece “Wooden bilked you for stadium and a lot more”. Chris Powell points out the cost overruns, delays and lawsuits regarding Wooden’s pet project that hastened Hartford toward bankruptcy and bailout.





Thaddeus (“Thad”) Gray has spent his professional life investing and managing money, highlighted by his decade-long service as Chief Investment Officer and executive committee member for Abbott Capital Management, LLC. Gray joined the firm in 1989 and became a partner in 1995.

Abbott Capital manages private equity investments on behalf of multi-employer and public pension funds, endowments, charitable foundations and family office clients.  


Gray has a long record of public service. 

He serves his local community in northwestern Connecticut as a board member of the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, which covers Litchfield County, as well as Dutchess and Columbia counties in New York and Berkshire County in Massachusetts. He serves on the foundation’s investment committee, which oversees $135 million in assets. He also serves on the board of the National Iron Bank, a $125 million community bank based in Salisbury, and on the board of the Canaan branch of the Northwestern Connecticut YMCA.


Comptroller & Secretary of the State

Kurt Miller - Comptroller


 First Selectman of the Town of Seymour  (4th term)

Businessman - Financial Services

Phone: 203-751-1848
Email: Kurt@kurtforct.com

 Website: http://kurtforct.com


A comptroller is essentially a state's chief accountant or financial officer. This appointed or elected official has all of the following responsibilities:

1. Oversees the state budget (which can amount to billions of dollars) and audits state finances

2. Ensures that the state's tax dollars are being well-spent and not wasted through fraud and abuse

3. Pays state employees and oversees their pension funds

4. Prepares financial reports for the state

5. Examines government contracts

6. Collects taxes and funds to pay for state programs

7. Educates the state's citizens about tax issues

To become a state comptroller, an individual needs to have a background in accounting or finance. Many state comptrollers also have a master's degree in business administration (MBA), or are designated certified public accountants (CPA). Training for the position involves getting experience in state government and accounting.


Kurt Miller is currently serving his fourth term as the First Selectman of the Town of Seymour

Kurt worked for Diversified Investment Advisors in their Participant Advisor Group traveling the country assisting clients in developing and maintaining retirement plans for their employees. In 2001, he moved on to CUNA Mutual Group as an Account Relationship Manager working with credit union clients all across New England, New York and Maryland on their financial services platforms.  Over the years, Kurt has achieved many professional designations including NAIFA’s Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow and Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor.  He held the NASD Series 6, 63 and 65-Uniform Investment Adviser licenses and was insurance licensed in Life, Health, Variable Annuity, Property and Casualty.

Susan Chapman - Secretary of the State


First Selectman of New Fairfield , 

Board of Selectmen, 

Chairman Planning Commission 

Phone: 860-740-2077   Email: Susan@chapmanforct.com

Web: https://www.chapmanforct.com


Meet Susan – Restore Connecticut’s Promise

Susan has served over a decade in municipal office. Susan served as the First Selectman of New Fairfield for four and a half years and, prior to that, served as a member of the Board of Selectmen for an additional three and half years. Susan also served on the Planning Commission to include a term as Chairman.

Regionally, Susan served as the Secretary and then the Vice Chairman of the Western Connecticut Council of Governments (COG) and also as the Vice Chairman of the Housatonic Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). Susan was instrumental in the complex merger of former Housatonic Valley Council of Elected Officials and the former South Western Regional Planning Agency into the COG, which represents eighteen member-communities.


"I am a declared Republican candidate for Connecticut Secretary of the State because it is time that we work together to restore Connecticut’s Promise. We need a voice for residents, businesses, and most importantly municipalities Statewide.”

Times have changed. So the question we must ask ourselves is: “What reforms are needed to make the State Government “work” more effectively for the residents and businesses of Connecticut?”

For me, it means being an advocate for the municipalities across the State, ensuring that State government is seen as a partner and not as a source of unreasonable demands and mandates.  As the Secretary of the State, I would:

· Promote business-friendly policies for both existing businesses and new businesses, contributing to job growth and a healthy economy

· Ensure fair and efficient elections, deserving of the public trust

· Advocate for relief from unnecessary mandates and bureaucracy

· Ensure residents, businesses and municipalities receive the services they deserve

· Be a voice for both small towns and large cities at the Capitol 

Local and State Office Candidates

Mark Tweedie - State Senate, 4th District


State Representive, 12th District

Business Owner - Tweedie Dental Arts

Phone: 860-930-9243

Email: -

Website: www.tweedieforCT.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TweedieforCT

Jennifer Fiereck - State Representative 13th District


Business Owner -  J. Fiereck Photography 


Email: Jennifer@jennifer4ct.com

Website: www.jennifer4CT.com



Tom Tierney - State Representative, 12th District


Business Owner - Tierney Funeral Home


 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Elect-Tierney-631423120535023/

Jennifer Nye - 1st Congressional District



Paralegal Office Manager
Phone: (860)-996-9973
Website: https://www.nye4congress.com
Twitter  Follow @JenniferTNye on Twitter


Matthew Corey - US Senate



Business Owner, Navy Veteran, Manchester Resident 

Phone: 860-573-9777
 Email: matt@coreyforsenate.com 

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/CoreyforCT

Connecticut Republican State Central HQ



Head Quarters for the Connecticut Republican Party. 

Website has links for State and Federal Offices

176 Laning street  | Southington, CT 06489 

Phone: (860)-426-1920

General Email: info@ct.gop

Website: http://ct.gop/ 

Matthew Corey -United States Senate

Matthew Corey - US Senate



Business Owner, Navy Veteran, Manchester Resident 

Phone: 860-573-9777  Email: matt@coreyforsenate.com 

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/CoreyforCT

Meet Matt and the Issues


About Mark

  • Small Business Owner
  • US Navy Veteran



The  $20 trillion in debt that we face is stifling job growth. The failure  and lack of courage in Washington to pass a balanced budget is hindering  our ability to grow the economy. This is similar to what we are facing  here in Connecticut. We need to encourage research and development. With  the right tax policy we can bring technology companies to invest in  this country and state. We need job growth in new technologies. We have  to create a pathway for the next generation to bring new innovation to  help America be the leader in the 21st Century. Our current  representatives only talk about obstruction. The harmful regulations  that cost businesses millions of dollars that could be used for job  growth and research of the new technologies of tomorrow. The last ten  years here in the State of Connecticut we have lost over 100,000  manufacturing jobs. We need to invest in small business in low income  communities to increase job opportunities for all. The apprentice  programs the President is advocating for will help get the workforce  educated for the jobs of the future. With all the government contracts  Connecticut receives, major corporations along with private sector  investment in these communities can help lower the high rate of  unemployment. This investment can educate and prepare people for the  labor market.

Fighting for Connecticut Families



  • 100,000 manufacturing jobs lost in the State of CT since year 2000
  • Construction industry lost 20,000 jobs since 2008
  • Insurance industry related jobs have been reduced from over 60,000 to just under 37,000 since the 1990’s
  • Each  generation has an obligation to pave the way with opportunities for the  next, instead we have burdened them with a selfish debt on the State  and Federal level.


Health Care

We  all agree health care cost is on the rise. We should allow the purchase  of health insurance across state lines. We also need tort reform.  Doctors are under tremendous strain and rising costs of performing their  job. There should be no discrimination on purchasing health care with  preexisting conditions which the states should subsidize through cost  effective Medicaid programs. The health care exchanges are in place. Let  the free market compete in these exchanges so the American people can  get the best rates. We also need to create large pools so individuals  can get the best rates available. This should include creating policies  to cater to individual needs to get more people to sign up.

To find out more about where Matt stands on the issues, please visit his website: www.coreyforsenate.ct.com


Matthew Corey - US Senate

Matt is the working class, and is for the working class of Connecticut.


 Matt McKinnon Corey was born January 11, 1964 in Hartford, CT. In 1951,  Matt’s parents, Frederick Thomas Corey and Marie Jean Corey, came from  Maine to Hartford for better job opportunities after his father served  in WWII.  

Matt  graduated from Manchester High School in 1982 and immediately following  graduation enlisted in the U.S. Navy. He was deployed to Beirut in 1983  and served in the Navy until 1987. Upon completion of his military  service, Matt worked for the U.S. Postal Service and then as a truck  driver for the Teamsters (Roadway Corporation). In 1990, Matt decided to  launch a high-rise window cleaning company, Advanced Services  International, which is still a healthy viable business today. If you  are lucky you may see Matt hanging from the rooftops of buildings in  Hartford keeping things crystal clear today!


In  2002, Matt opened McKinnon’s Irish Pub located in Downtown Hartford,  CT. He wanted to give back to the City of Hartford and give the “working  class” a place to call their own. McKinnon’s Irish pub is adorned with  memorabilia from firefighters to war patches and is a popular downtown  destination. He is a union member of the Teamsters and a member of the  SAG-AFTRA of New York.

Matt’s father often said, “You don’t  respect the value of a dollar until you worked for it. It’s easy to  spend other people’s money, but when you earn your own money, you buy  things you need, not things you want.” Matt has always lived his life  knowing the value of hard work and what it is like to own and operate a  business in Connecticut. He is the working class and is for the working class of Connecticut.

His desire to secure jobs for Connecticut residents is a driving force behind his decision to run for Senate. “I  love the State of Connecticut. It’s my home and I care about the people  that live here. It’s time we invest in this great state and drive  business growth, keep healthcare costs down, defend our nation, educate  our youth, keep our promises to our veterans, and stimulate the  economy.”

Learn More

Visit Matthew Corey's website to learn more about the Issues that face Connecticut and the Nation we love.

Mark Tweedie for State Senator, -4th District,

Mark Tweedie - State Senate, 4th District, Manchester, Glastonbury, Andover and Bolton


Current State Representative, 12th District

Business Owner - Tweedie Dental Arts

Phone: 860-930-9243

Email: -

Website: www.tweedieforCT.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TweedieforCT

On Face Book, Supported Bipartisan Budget, Oct 2017 video



Meet Mark


About Mark

  • Small Business Owner
  • US Navy Veteran
  • State Representative
  • Former Member, Manchester Town Council

Community Service

  • Co-Chair of CT Opioid Abuse Prevention Program Working Group
  • Co-Chair of Manchester Elks Lodge Veterans Committee
  • 30 Year volunteer Coach, umpire, board member, and sponsor of local youth programs.
  • The Financial Challenges of Connecticut require Long term discipline, not short term wishful thinking.  The 2018 Elections are critical in Electing individuals who will not put the special interests of the select few ahead of the most important functions of government- education, safety and protecting our most vulnerable citizens.

Fighting for Connecticut Families


Forced a Balanced Stater Budget after years of reckless spending and tax increases.

  • Protected Vital Services and investment in education, local town aid, ad for Seniors
  • Blocked tax increases and implementation of tolls on I-84 and Rt. 2.
  • Supported  Bipartisan Balanced Budget in October 2017
  •  Please watch the video below regarding my vote for the bipartisan budget that averts Gov. Malloy’s devastating education cuts to cities and towns and installs structural municipal mandate reforms that provides long-term relief to local leaders and taxpayers. Please also keep an eye out for my written statement, which will be released soon 


Face Book, Bipartisan Budget Video:



Mark Tweedie - People Before Politics

About Mark - Working for you

 State Representative Mark Tweedie is currently serving his second term 

in the Connecticut General Assembly representing the 13th District which includes the towns of Manchester and Glastonbury. 

Tweedie is running for the 4th Senatorial seat, which represents the towns of Andover, Bolton, Glastonbury and Manchester, because the 4th district constituents deserve a senator who will repair the broken systems that are crippling our state and who will fight for policies that will help families thrive in Connecticut. A number of failed government policies, promoted by the long-standing Democratic majority, including high taxes and reduced job opportunities are driving CT residents to other states and splitting up hard-working families that have lived here for multiple generations.

Tweedie stated, "The financial challenges of Connecticut require long-term discipline, not short-term wishful thinking. The 2018 elections are critical in electing individuals who will NOT put the special interests of a select few, ahead of the most important functions of government: education, safety and protecting our most vulnerable citizens."

Now in his second term as state representative, Tweedie serves on the legislature’s EnvironmentEnergy & Technology and Higher Education & Employment Advancement committees. As Co-Chair of The Opioid Abuse Prevention Working Group, Tweedie successfully fought to pass new laws to limit powerful and addictive opioid prescriptions to minors.  He has also co-sponsored legislation focused on education, manufacturing, job creation, veterans, and women and children.

Born and raised in Manchester, Mark Tweedie is a proud Connecticut resident, small business owner, and U.S. Navy veteran. He and his wife Melissa have two children, Samantha and Brian.He is a Master Dental Technician and owner of Tweedie Dental Arts, LLC in Manchester. For over 30 years, Tweedie Dental Arts has been creating custom-made dental prosthetics, such as crowns and bridges, for dentists throughout Connecticut.

Tweedie graduated from Manchester High School in 1974 and then served in the U.S. Navy until 1981. He attended the Naval School of Dental Assisting and Technology and credits his Navy service for his technical training and for teaching him discipline and a strong work ethic. Tweedie also received his Master of Dental Technology certification from New York University College of Dentistry. He is the former president of the Connecticut Dental Laboratory Association and is a member of the American Society of Master Dental Technicians.

Mark Tweedie has always enjoyed being involved in his community and has participated in various organizations in town throughout the years. Prior to his election to the Connecticut General Assembly, he served on the Board of Directors for the Town of Manchester.  In his four terms on the Manchester Town Council, Tweedie is most proud of the founding of a new building for the Youth Service Bureau to support the organization's no-cost programs and services to Manchester youth. In addition to many other contributions, Tweedie helped lead the SMARTR education committee that focused on planning for sustainable educational facilities, structures, and curriculum for the future generations of the area’s school children.

Baseball  and youth sports programs are a great passion for Tweedie. He served as an Executive Board member for the Manchester Little League, and volunteered as a coach, umpire and sponsor for over 30 years. He also volunteered as a coach for basketball leagues through the Manchester Parks and Recreation department and AAU sports teams for over 10 years. Tweedie also works tirelessly to advocate for programs to assist military veterans including co-chairing the Manchester Elks Lodge Veterans Committee for several years. Tweedie looks forward to continuing his work to make Connecticut a great place to live, work, raise a family and retire.

Learn More

Visit Mark Tweedie's website to learn more about Mark's solutions for Connecticut.

Jennifer Fiereck, - 13th District State Representative

Jennifer Fiereck - State Representative 13th District



Business Owner -  J. Fiereck Photography 


Email: Jennifer@jennifer4ct.com

Website: www.jennifer4CT.com



Meet Jennifer


About Jennifer

  • Small Business Owner
  •  Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce 
  • Mother of 3 young children
  • Girl Scout Leader
  •  Saint James School  Foundation. 

Compassionate, Driven. Honest.

  •  "My family and I want to plant our roots in this community but like a  lot of other families we wonder if it is going to get too expensive to  live here. I am energized and excited for the opportunity to serve the  people of Manchester and Glastonbury and help revitalize our economy.

Why I am Running  

I'm running for state representative because, as a small business owner and mother of three young children, I want my community to be safe successful and sustainable place to live, work, raise a family and retire. But that cannot happen unless we change the way Hartford works. We need to finally lessen the tax burden on every Manchester and Glastonbury resident and create a hospitable environment for companies to grow their business.

With your vote in November we can chart a new course that will create opportunity for all of our residents and unleash Connecticut’s untapped potential. I look forward to hearing from you and listening to your concerns for our community. 

Thank you, 

Jennifer Fiereck.

Jennifer Fiereck: advocating for safe and affordable communities in Manchester and Glastonbury

Jennifer Fiereck and Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce


“I’m not unlike a lot of Connecticut  residents who are frustrated by Governor Malloy and the legislature’s  long-serving majority Democrats, who simply don’t understand that their  policies have made our state an increasingly expensive place to live and  run a business,” said Jennifer Fiereck, owner of J. Fiereck  Photography. “I’m running for the 13th District because, as a small  business owner and mother, I want my local community and state to be  safe, successful and sustainable. 

That can only happen if we abandon the  irresponsible tax and spend policies of the Malloy administration and  Democratic majority. I believe that a strong economy creates opportunity  for all of us.”

Born and raised in  Connecticut, Fiereck is one of only 15 Certified Professional  Photographers in the state. She is a 2003 graduate of Leadership Greater  Hartford’s Quest program. In 2014, Fiereck was selected as a Hartford  Business Journal 40 Under Forty Award Winner, which recognizes the  Hartford region’s up and coming business leaders.

“I’m  proud of the underlying spirit and hard-working mentality that defines  communities such as Manchester and Glastonbury. I couldn’t be more  excited about the possibility of serving people who are as eager as I am  to see Connecticut uncover its untapped potential—to finally feel the  far-reaching, positive effects that a growing economy can bring,”  Fiereck said. “But that can’t happen until we get the basics right, to  stabilize our budget and create a tax and regulatory environment where  businesses don’t just survive—they thrive. I’m prepared for the  challenge.” 

Fiereck, 40, serves as a  Girl Scout troop leader and a member of the Saint James School  Foundation. She also lends her time to MARC, Inc. of Manchester and  Saint James School. She and her husband, Dave, have two daughters and a  son.


Jennifer Fiereck and Our Future

About Jennifer Fiereck

 Jennifer Fiereck: is a small business owner, former UConn student-athlete, wife and mother who is running to represent Manchester and Glastonbury in the Connecticut General Assembly. 

Please vote for Jennifer4CT on November 6.

Jennifer is the Republican and Independent party-endorsed candidate for the 13th District of the House of Representatives.

Born and raised in Connecticut, Jennifer, 41, is a Manchester resident. She and her husband, Dave, have two daughters and a son.

Jennifer is the owner of J. Fiereck Photography in Manchester, and is one of only fifteen Certified Professional Photographers in the State. Jennifer specializes in commercial photography, including executive portraits, corporate events, product and website photography. She also photographs weddings.

Jennifer graduated from Somers High School in 1995, and attended the University of Connecticut, where she played Division I women’s lacrosse and graduated in 2000 with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences.

After graduating from UConn, Jennifer worked at United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut, and helped to oversee marketing efforts for one of the largest non-profit fundraising campaigns in the State. While at United Way, she completed Leadership Greater Hartford’s Quest program, a unique leadership training that focuses on community engagement.

In 2004, Jennifer and her husband moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, so that Jennifer could pursue her passion for photography. There, she worked for Irresistible Portraits, a high-end portrait studio, owned by her mentor and aunt, Karen Goforth.

When Jennifer and Dave returned to Connecticut in 2006, and settled in Manchester, Jennifer began working at Cashman + Katz, an advertising and public relations firm in Glastonbury, and started her own photography business on the side. Within a year, Jennifer’s photography business took off, and she pursued photography full-time. In 2014, Jennifer was selected as a Hartford Business Journal 40 Under Forty Award Winner, which recognized her as one of the Hartford region’s up-and-coming business leaders.

Community involvement has always been important to Jennifer. 

Over the years, she has volunteered for various organizations including: ConnectiKids, as a tutor/mentor to Hartford elementary school students; volunteering in the office and food pantry at MAAC (Manchester Area Conference of Churches); and for MARC, Inc., of Manchester’s annual golf tournament.

Family, faith and education are bedrock values to Jennifer. She currently serves as a Girl Scout troop leader, a member of the Saint James School Foundation, and volunteers regularly for the Saint James School Home School Association. Jennifer and her family are faithful parishioners of Saint James Church in Manchester.

Learn More

Visit Jennifer Fiereck's website to learn more about Jennifer's solutions for Connecticut.


Jennifer Nye - US Congress, 1st Disctrict

About Jennifer Nye and her Platform

 Jennifer Nye is not a career politician who carries water for the party.  She is a wife, mother, daughter, employee, and trusted friend with common sense who knows how to get things done.

We the people deserve representation in Washington, D.C. from someone who:

· Upholds the Constitution of the United States;

  • · Upholds the Federal Laws of the United States;
  • · Supports Innovative Technologies;
  • · Has Made Their Career Outside Washington;
  • · Has a Common Sense Approach to Problem Solving;
  • · Who Knows that Answers to Problems are Usually Found Somewhere in the Middle;
  • · Knows First-Hand the Issues of the Elderly;
  • · Believes in a Strong Military;
  • · Believes Businesses Need Support for Job Creation; and
  • · Believes in Entrepreneurial Spirit.



  • · Taxes: Jennifer Nye supports the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. She believes businesses—not government—create jobs and the people deserve to keep more of their own money.
  • · Education: Jennifer believes in expanding technical education. She believes we need to train our children for the high-tech jobs of the future.
  • · National Defense: Jennifer Nye believes that a strong military is our best guarantee of peace. She supports our troops and wants to make sure they are well equipped for all that they do at home and abroad.
  • · Immigration: Jennifer Nye believes in strong borders and legal immigration. She believes in respecting the laws of the United States.
  • · Term Limits: Jennifer Nye believes in term limits for members of Congress. She believes politicians should not be allowed to entrench themselves in Washington for decades because the current culture of career politicians violates the spirit of American democracy.

Learn More

Visit Jennifer Nye's website to learn more about Jennifer's solutions for Connecticut and our Country as our United States Representative in Congress

Thomas Tierney, - 12th District State Representative

Thomas Tierney - State Representative 12th District


 Business Owner - Tierney Funeral Home


 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Elect-Tierney-631423120535023/

Unaffiliated Voter with Republican Endorsement

Tom Tierney with Connecticut Funeral Directors Association and Senate Republicans


About Tom

  • Small Business Owner
  • Connecticut Funeral Directors Association  (CFDA)
  • Father of 2 young children
  • Active in the Community 

 Why Thomas Tierney is Running :

Tom Tierney, a former Democrat and now an unaffiliated voter. Asked why he became an unaffiliated voter, he said he was not happy with the direction of the Democratic party. 

The funeral director at John F. Tierney Funeral Home in Manchester said he is running for the 12th District because he wants his hometown and state to be a place where his daughters, ages 6 and 8, want to live.

“My motivation is my love of the town of Manchester,” Tierney said, “and I’m inspired by my daughters and wanting them to at least have the same opportunity to fall in love with it.”

If elected, Tierney said a priority will be “looking at ways to improve government from the inside first before going out to the taxpayers.” Local Republican Party spokesman Tom Ferguson said Tierney has the business experience and knowledge of Manchester to serve the people “with a high level of professionalism.”

Get the complete Story at: 


Tom Tierney with Connecticut Funeral Directors Association and Senate Democrats


Tom is bi- partisan.

Through his experience with the Connecticut Funeral Directors Association,  and civic events, Tom has demonstrated his ability to bring Democrats and Republicans together  to address the issues facing the citizens of Connecticut. 

 It is Tom's power of caring about people and bringing people together, that will make Thomas Tierney an excellent State Representative for Manchester.